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Transfer students

In order to be considered for a transfer, the following documents must be submitted by 10 July 2018:

1. Application for a transfer submitted to the Dean of the respective Faculty (including: name and surname, full contact details, tel. no., e-mail address);

2. Original full transcript of grades (including: form of studies explained, name of all courses attended, number of seminar and practical hrs, form of assessment, i.e. credit/ exam, ECTS points, grades and grading scale, confirmation of a year completed);

3. Photocopy of a secondary school leaving certificate*;
4. Dean's consent for a transfer of the Faculty you wish to transfer from;

5. Certificate confirming completion of all semesters preceding the transfer;

6. English or Polish sworn translation of the abovementioned documents (if applicable);

7. Courses syllabi (on Dean's request)

* if you are transferring from a Polish medical school and were admitted to that school before 25 March 2015, an original or a notarized copy of a secondary school nostrification certificate from any Polish Education Office (Kuratorium Oświaty) must be submitted as well.

Documents are accepted as originals or notiarized copies in hardcopy form only. Date of delivery is understood as the date documents reach our office, NOT the date of postage.

- all courses on current year must be completed (regardless which year you could be potentially transferred to);
- only students of a long cycle (6-year MD program) may be considered;

- the highest year one could be potentially transferred to is year 3

- the lowest year one could be potentially transferred to is year 2

- you may not transfer to year 1

- successful transfer student shall submit all documents required from each prospective student of an enrolment year one was accepted to;

- successful transfer student may be obliged to compensate for curricular discrepancies (if such occur);

- successful transfer student shall begin their studies with the beginning of the new academic year (in winter semester);

Please note that as far as coming year 3 is concerned (current year 2), each year we have about 25% failure rate meaning that year 2 is usually overcrowded and thus transferring to year 3 may not be possible due to the lack of capacity (considering that you would qualify for a transfer in a first place).


Before you apply, you are strongly advised to compare the curriculum of the program you are currently attending at your university with the curriculum of PMU (medicine, dentistry).