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Erasmus+ Policy Statement

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.pdf 


Pomeranian Medical University founded in 1948 is situated in Szczecin, the capital of the Western Pomeranian Province in the north-west of Poland. The University participates in comprehensive development of national science and culture as well as education of students and academic teachers, implementing principles of freedom of scientific research and academic teaching.

Pomeranian Medical University commitment to Erasmus mobility is one of the strategic objectives for modernization and internalization of the university.

Pomeranian Medical University approves inter-institutional agreements for study and teaching mobility with institutions having Erasmus Charter that offer courses in English or in other widely spoken European languages. The university particularly promotes agreements with institutions that offer the study curriculum compatible with the curriculum at the Pomeranian Medical University in order to decrease the curriculum differences and allow mobile student efficiently match you original syllabus after return.

The university cooperates with EU and non-EU countries within the frame of the Erasmus Program, English Program directed to Scandinavian countries mainly Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Faroe Islands as well as Asklepios Program, which is a part of the English Program dedicated to German students.

The most important objectives of the Pomeranian Medical University mobility are related to the enhancement of the quality and extension of international cooperation. The university plans to:

- increase the number of students of the first, second and third cycles and staff participating in the Program by signing bilateral agreements with new institutions

- increase the number of participants within the frame of the existing bilateral agreements

- improve of trainees’ mobility by increasing the number of participants

- enhance the educational offer by introducing the courses thought in English in the other faculties

- participate in the international cooperation projects under the Program

Erasmus Program is expected to impact modernization of the Pomeranian Medical University by:

-          implementation of the Erasmus Program in the Faculty of Health Sciences (coming years) and in the other faculties in the future – that will support the introduction of the full English speaking course in all university faculties

-          implementation of individualized financial support for students from low socioeconomic background participating in the Erasmus Program

-          establishing cooperation with non-higher education partners

-          strengthening teaching quality through mobility and cross-border cooperation