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About PDSA

Welcome to the webpage of the Pomeranian Dental Students' Association (PDSA).

The Pomeranian Dental Students' Association (PDSA) was founded on the 5th October 2017. The PDSA is a non-profit organization and open for all dental students of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin.

Our mission
The PDSA aims to promote and provide support for the academic and social environment of the PUM community for prospective dentists, further expanding their educational and professional networks. Furthermore, we intend to protect and better develop the rights and welfare of our members during the time of their study.

Apart from scientific, academic and organizational tasks, we also want to create the opportunity for members to organize meetings where they have the chance to exchange their experiences among other members from all years of studies. This will create the opportunity for a scene of mutual contacts and provide members with a medium for expanding their circle of acquaintances. Additionally, the PDSA can serve as a great starting ground for those students who wish to “do a little something more” or go that extra mile during their academic lives, reaching above and beyond the activities dictated by the course of studies.