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Programs in English language

Faculty of MedicineFaculty of Medicine & DentistryFaculty of Health Sciences
6-year MD English Program5-year DMD English ProgramNursing in English
6-year MD Asklepios Program  


Open Day Invitation


All students are kindly requested to check their financial records by logging-into their Virtual Dean's Office individual account. Payment in red indicates debt; blue color indicates overpayment; no amount in colour = you have no debt.

Should you notice to have a debt you are advised to cover it in our cashier's desk on the 2nd floor on Rybacka Street. Cashier's desk is open Mon-Fri, 11:00 - 14:00. Cashier accepts PLN and EUR cash, as well as bank/credit cards.


EUR account SWIFT code, account number and bank name have changed!

updated 05/10/2017