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Student Parliament

Student Parliament English Program

The Student Parliament works for the benefit of the students and our education. As an unit we try our best to be the medium and a two-way bridge between the students and the authority of our university.

We also wish to engage the students in activities at our university besides our daily studies, by providing courses, seminars and other social activities, through tight co-operation with our colleagues from the Polish Student Parliament.

We have also a close cooperation with ANSA (Associations of Norwegian Students Abroad), NMF (Norskmedisinforening) and MFSA (Sveriges läkarförbund), which we want to maintain in the future.

The Parliament consists of 7 board members being elected by the students.
Through close connection with 11 year representatives (6 from the medical program and 5 from the dentistry program) who are elected individually from each year of studies each academic year, the Parliament try to be updated concerning the ups and downs of our students.

For further contact, send us an email ( or visit our Facebook page.

2017/2018 English Program Parliament Members


Denijal Karamehic (President)
Faculty of Medicine

Naschra Baig (Vice-President)
Faculty of Medicine

Jülide Cakaloglu (Vice-President)
Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Sebastian Al Habib (Secretary)
Faculty of Medicine

Mina Bina
(Minister of Information)
Faculty of Medicine

Philip Princ (Minister of Finance)
Faculty of Medicine
Paula Malek (Minister of Social Activities)
Faculty of Medicine