The Independent Clinical Epigenetics Laboratory - Samodzielna Pracownia Epigenetyki Klinicznej

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Unii Lubelskiej 1, 71-281 Szczecin.



  • dr hab. n. med., prof. PUM Tomasz K. Wojdacz - group leader
  • dr n. med. Olga Taryma-Leśniak

Kadra dydaktyczna:

The Independent Clinical Epigenetics Laboratory

Was founded in 2019, with a grant from The National Agency for Academic Exchange. Our research primarily focuses on translational epigenetics. Specifically, we are interested in epigenetic mechanisms of disease development as well as applications of epigenetic biomarkers in the assessment of disease predisposition, early disease detection, and personalized medicine.

We are looking for both scientists and students interested in translational epigenetics to work or collaborate with us. If you have any questions, write us.

Clinical Epigenetics International Conference - CLEPIC

The Independent Clinical Epigenetics Laboratory is an organizer of CLEPIC. For more information see:

International Society for Molecular and Clinical Epigenetics – iSMoClEp
The Independent Clinical Epigenetics Laboratory is a part of iSMoClEp. For more information see:


  • The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange - NAWA
  • European Regional Development Fund of the West Pomeranian Province
  • ERA PerMed IMAGene

Software developed by us

  • eDAVE - extension of GDC Data Analysis, Visualization, and Exploration Tools web app is avaiable from here.

Lab members:

  • Olga Taryma-Leśniak, PhD, contakt: olga.taryma-lesniak[at]
  • Katarzyna Sokołowska MSc, PhD-student, contakt: katarzyna.sokolowska[at]
  • Jan Bińkowski MSc, Bioinformatician, contakt: jan.binkowski[at]
  • Patrycja Przybyłowicz - MSc, Bioinformatician
  • Melanie Staszewski - Fulbright student
  • Konrad Borowski - MD student
  • Szymon Retfinski - MD student


Working with us:

  • Hubert Rola - MD
  • Jakub Rosik - MD 
  • Filip Machaj - MD
  • Tomasz Falgowski - MD
  • Magdalena Bednarek-Jędrzejek - MD 
  • Malgorzata Poniatowska  - MD student
  • Hanna Maciejowska - MSc student
  • Dawid Bierbasz - MSc student
  • Jacek Antoniewski - MSc student
  • Denis Myszak - MD student
  • Zuzanna Adamczyk - MSc student
  • Mateusz Cejko - MD student

Recent papers:

Read more about our us and what we do in non-scientific language: 


Pomorski Uniwersytet Medyczny w Szczecinie

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