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2004, 50, 2 - Contents


  1. Dorota Słowik-Żyłka
    Reduction of carbonyl stress with renal replacement therapy in chronic renal failure
  2. Joanna Jabłońska
    Distant effects of steroid therapy in the nephrotic syndrome of childhood
  3. Michał Machoy
    Identification of factors predicting early evolution of secondary oral hypoglycaemic agent failure and evaluation of clinical standards applied by primary care physicians during qualification to insulin therapy of patients with type 2 diabetes
  4. Aniela Strzelecka-Lichota
    Renal function in subjects with minimal change steroid-responsive nephrotic syndrome in childhood
  5. Damian Czepita, Wojciech Gosł awski, Artur Mojsa
    Refractive errors among students occupying rooms lighted with incandescent or fluorescent lamps
  6. Katarzyna Homa
    Acceptance of screening colonoscopy for the prevention of colorectal cancer
  7. Anna Hajduk
    A search for psychobiological determinants of anxiety disorders
  8. Bożena Mroczek
    Respecting rights of hospitalized children
  9. Tadeusz Krzyszkowski, Marek Betlej, Ryszard Czepko
    Asymptomatic recurrent neurenteric cyst of the thoracic spinal cord: case report
  10. Violetta Dziedziejko
    Separation, identification and characterization of alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes in rats using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and other analytical methods
  11. Marzena Staniszewska
    The effect of hyperbaric air exposure on concentrations of malondialdehyde and some parameters of the antioxidant system in rat blood
  12. Małgorzata Świder-Al-Amawi
    Regulation of steroidogenesis in rat epididymal epithelial cells
  13. Sylwia Słuczanowska-Głąbowska
    The effect of hyperprolactinemia on morphology and function of androgen receptor expressing cells in rat testis, epididymis and prostate
  14. Katarzyna Król
    Reactive oxygen species and antioxidant mechanisms in the pathogenesis of periodontitis
  15. Renata Kozak
    Dental and periodontal status and treatment needs of institutionalized mentally retarded children from the province of West Pomerania
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