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Ann Acad Med Stetin, 2005; 51, Suppl 1, 9-14



Zakład Higieny i Epidemiologii Pomorskiej Akademii Medycznej
al. Powstańców Wlkp. 72, 70-111 Szczecin
Kierownik: dr hab. n. med. prof. PAM Alicja Walczak

In this review, the data available in the literature concerning determinants of human health from the public health point of view have been summarized. Presented newest concepts of human health include genomic and proteomic perspectives in the complex web of interactions between genes and environment. In 2002 epidemiologist and hygienist also has an access to an almost complete description of a single human genome but the challenges remain to move from the description to understanding the function of the genome.
Studying the role of molecular determinants of human health is an area of research that has gained attention, particularly during the past 50 years, since the structure of DNA helix has solved. This field will become more dynamic one in the near future and the important data will rapidly accumulate. Further researches are clearly needed to determine not only carcinogenic potential of human ecosystems, but also to establish new methods of risk assessment. The knowledge gained will be crucial in prophylactic health care systems.

K e y w o r d s: hygiene – epidemiology – molecular epidemiology.

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