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Information for English Program Students (2015)





STUDENTS (5th YEAR) -Pediatric Surgery

  1. Attendance of the students at the classes and seminars in correct group of Pediatric Surgery is obligatory.
  2. The academic teacher conducting the classes gives the credit. Student is entitled to three attempts of getting credit.
  3. In justified absence at seminars, students should credit subject of deleted seminar in person who conduct this seminar (after co-ordination with academic teacher).
  4. In justified absence at the classes students can set off teaching program in the form of participation on duty service at the clinic ward. Students will be informed about fixed date of this compensating classes.


 12.02.2015  Dr Artur Kwas - Injuries in children.

13.02.2015 Dr Piotr Juszkiewicz - Congenital Defects (1st part).

16.02.2015  Dr Aleksander Wróblewski  Congenital Defects (2nd part).

17.02.2015 Dr Jacek MaternyPediatric urology.

18.02.2015 Dr Piotr Juszkiewicz - Solid malignant tumors in neonates and children

19.02.2015 Dr Artur Kwas Inflammations in children.

20.02.2015 Dr Jacek Materny - Obstructions of alimentary tract in children. Inguinal hernia.

23.02.2015 Dr Aleksander Wróblewski  Burns in children.

Book for students:

  1. "Esential Pediatric Surgery", S. Beasley, J. Hutson, A. Auldist.
  2. "Pediatric Surgery”, Keith W. Ashcraft
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