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Rules and regulations 5th year

Rules and regulations Gynecology course for the 5th  year students of the Faculty of Medicine, English Programme


1. Classes for 5th year students take place in a form of  clinical blocs. Dates of each group’s bloc is determined by the Dean’s Office.

2. Classes start at 8:30 and comprise of seminars and practical classes.

3. Before the class students are obligated to put on their medical uniforms (lab coats or scrub tops as well pants) and shoes.

4. Person in charge of the didactics is dr. n. med. Ryszard Bedner.

5. Changes between groups may be performer after acquiring permission from the Dean and dr. n. med. Ryszard Bedner.




1. Practical classes take place in groups of 5. The groups are divided in their first day of classes. The groups rotate according to the schedule between following units:

• Operating Theatre;
• Gynecology Ward;
• Oncologic Clinic;
• Children Gynecology Clinic;
• Admission Ward

2. At 8:30 after checking the attendance list students attend the classes.

3. During the classes on the Operating Theatre students will receive proper disposable outfits. During the classes on the Operating Theatre it is possible to assist to operations.

1. Seminars are common for the whole group and take place in the Didactics Room.

2. Seminar schedule is available on the noticeboard.

3. Students are obligated to prepare to the seminars according to their subject

4. Changes in the seminar schedule may be performed by the person responsible by the didactics only after informing the students.


1. Confirmation of the student’s attendance on the practical classes and the seminars is the list which is checked daily by the person conducting the class.

2. Absence may be made up with another group or in a date determined by the person responsible for the didactics.

1. In order to obtain credit students must be present on all the classes, and the presence must be confirmed on the list of attendance.

2. Credit is obtained during an oral exam on the date determined by the Dean’s Office. Student is required to possess knowledge from subjects presented during seminars broaden by recommended literature.

3. Student can retake the oral exam twice. Date of the retake is determined by the person responsible by the didactics.

4. There is no exempt from the oral exam.

5. There is no preterm of the oral exam.

6. Index books are signed by the Head of the Department and Clinic dr hab. n. med. Janusz Menkiszak prof. nadzw. PUM.

1. Final exam takes place on the 6th year.

2. Final exam comprises of theoretical and practical part.

3. Rules and regulations regarding the final exam can be found in a different document.

1. Obstetrics and Gynecology by Charles R. B. Beckmann MD MHPE, William Herbert MD, Douglas Laube MD M ED and Frank Ling MD (Mar 21, 2013)
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