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English Programme. Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Study program

„Social Dentistry” – II Year Medicine-Dentistry Dept. 2017/2018

List of topics:

Winter semester:

Friday:  12.00-13.30 Pomorzany MCD1

06.10.17The introduction to Social Dentistry. Basic definitions associated with general health and oral health.
13.10.17Measures of health i disease. Phases of prophylaxis. Dental caries – methods of prevention: everyday non-professional i  professional
20.10.17Oral hygiene and dental caries indexes (OHI-S, DMFT, SiC)

Descriptive epidemiology.


Periodontal diseases epidemiology.

Calculating periodontal disease indexes: GI, Russell index, CPITN. Evaluation of chosen diseases among exposure groups

17.11.17Analytic epidemiology: chosen types of analytic epidemiological studies. Advantages and disadvantages of different types of studies. Bias in epidemiology.
24.11.17Healthy nutrition i dietary habits: goals, rules, calculations of basic parameters.
01.12.17Experimental epidemiology. Interpretation of NNT, ARR, RR, RRR
08.12.17Composing personal 24-h menu for chosen population groups.

Causality in epidemiology.

Hill’s criteria of causation.

22.12.17Hospital hygiene. Rules of post-exposure prophylaxis
05.01.18Prevention of occupational infections and their transmission in dental office: rules of washing, disinfection and sterilization; medical waste management.
12.01.18Semester test.

Summer semester 2017/2018

Social Dentistry Schedule for the 2nd Year Dentistry Students

Summer semester 2017/2018

Thursday: 10.30 – 12.00 , Powstańców Wlkp. 72, MCD1, room 220   





Environmental toxicology. The use of  mercury compounds in dentistry.

Tomasz Olszowski, PhD, MSc


Tobacco smoking and oral health effects. Prevention methods  against smoking related diseases: the role of dental team in quitting smoking.

Tomasz Olszowski, PhD, MSc


Community hygiene: quality of drinking water – hygienic standards. Fluorosis - symptoms and clinical significance.

Tomasz Olszowski, PhD, MSc


Screening and measures of accuracy of diagnostic tests.

Tomasz Olszowski, PhD, MSc


Organization of oral healthcare system in Poland.

Tomasz Olszowski, PhD, MSc


The main health problems of inhabitants of Poland and other EU countries. Epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, accidents and injuries.

Tomasz Olszowski, PhD, MSc


The main health problems of inhabitants of Poland and other EU countries. Epidemiology of infectious diseases, epidemiology of oral diseases

Tomasz Olszowski, PhD, MSc


Actions for health in different dimensions; regional, state and international-health promotion actions, national health programs, health policy, international organizations.

Tomasz Olszowski, PhD, MSc


Prophylactic programs in dentistry. Professional and home prophylaxis.

Marta Milona, PhD, MSc


The elements of management, economics and marketing in the dentist’s work. Semester test.

Tomasz Olszowski, PhD, MSc

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