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EP 6-MD - Studies overview


6 - years MD program

The curriculum of the Medicine major consists of six years of medical course. Upon successful completion of the course, student is entitled to receive an MD diploma (title of physician “LEKARZ”).

The duration of the program is 12 semesters, with total number of 5710 hours of lectures and practical classes. Each year awards 60 ECTS points.

New system of education, so-called outcome based, has been implemented at PUM.

Learning outcomes are statements of what each student is expected to know, understand and / or be able to demonstrate after completion of a process of learning.


The outcomes are based on the following essential elements of a competent and reflective practitioner:

1. what the student knows (demonstrating evidence of knowledge, assessing comprehension, assessing application, assessing analysis and synthesis)

2. what the student is able to do (practical skills)

3. the student as a professional (competences - a dynamic combination of attributes, abilities and attitudes)


These three primary elements give rise to seven domains, which student will have to master during 5 academic years:

A _ morphological sciences

B _ scientific basis of medicine

C _ preclinical sciences

D _ behavioral sciences with elements of professionalism

E _ clinical sciences

F _ clinical sciences with treatment

G _ legal and organizational basis of medicine


From the first till third academic year students will have a semester system of studies.

Classes on the fourth and fifth year will be conducted in a block system.

Sixth academic year (the eleventh and twelfth semester) will comprise 30 weeks of practical training in the following fields of medicine:

· Internal Medicine

· Paediatrics

· Surgery

· Gynecology and Obstetrics

· Psychiatry

· Emergency Medicine

· Family Medicine

· 6 weeks of the specialty/discipline chosen by the student.

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