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For Graduates

Graduation Ceremony


1. Is presence at the Graduation Ceremony obligatory?

- No. All graduating English Program students are welcome but not obliged to participate.

2. Where is the Ceremony held?

- Main Hall of Rectorate Building on Rybacka 1.

3. Will I receive a Diploma during the Ceremony?

- No. All participating students will be given graduation card, and if eligible, graduation certificates after the Ceremony. The Ceremony itself is a symbolic one, and does not necessarily mark completion of studies.

4. What is the size of graduation caps and gowns?  

Caps and gowns have universal size. Caps can be individually adjusted.

5. Is the Ceremony attanded by all tutors?

- No, however, Choir and all University authorities should be invitied (i.e.: Rector, Vice-Rectors, Deans, Vice-Deans, all Heads of Departments you had classes with during whole course of studies). Graduates are welcome to invite the teacher/s of their choice (the teacher/s may be your speaker too).

6. May I invite family and friends?

- Yes, however, please keep in mind that due to the limited number of seats, not all friends or family members will be seated. Graduates are advised to arrange the seating availability in such way, that the priority is given to elderly and children.

7. Where and when can I put on my cap and gown?

Caps and gowns should be dressed before the Ceremony. The gowns are normally stored in "Aquarium" room (in front of 109) and this is where they should be returned to after the Ceremony. Caps may be kept by the graduates.

8. How are the graduates seated during the Ceremony?

Dean's Office will arrange Ceremony rehersal twice so that each group and student knows where to take the seat and how to behave during the particular stages of the Ceremony.    

9. Where are the specials guests seated?

Special guests, VIPs, teacher/s and/ or parents to deliver a speech are normally seated in front rows so that they have comfortable access to the stage and microphone.

Friends and other family members are seated at the back of the Hall and wherever there are seats vacant.



After studies


Announcement about 6 months practical training for dentistry alumni

Announcement about 6 months practical training for medicine alumni

Changes to the Act on the Profession of Medical Doctor and Dentist (Ustawa o zawodzie lekarza i lekarza dentysty)

On the July 24th, 2020 it has been announced  the Act of Amendment to the Act on the Profession of Medical Doctor and Dentist (Ustawa o zawodzie lekarza i lekarza dentysty) and some other  acts due date July 16th, 2020. The above mentioned Act introduces a number of changes for students and graduates of the medical and dental majors.

Overview of the changes for medical and dental students and graduates



In order to receive your graduation certificate, and later on a Diploma, you are required to submit the following documents to the Dean’s Office:

1. All examination cards fully signed.

2. All practical training reports.

3. Clearance slip signed and stamped by PMU Main Library (Dunikowskiego) and Bursar's Office (Rybacka)*.

*In academic year 2020/2021 clearance slips will be signed electronically

-by the Bursar's Office only after all payments including diploma fee are made.

Diploma fee of 60,00 PLN* (+20,00 PLN for one additional copy in English) should be paid to following account:

account no. (IBAN): PL 06 1090 1492 0000 0001 0053 7752
Bank: Santander Bank Polska S.A.

Transfer information should include full name of the person for whom the payment is made for.

*Diploma set consists of 1 original in Polish, 1 copy in Polish, 1 copy in English

-by the PMU Main Library after sending e-mail to with request to confirm closing of the account (full name and album number are needed).

All payments and documents must be settled prior to pick up of the graduation certificate.

4. Passport photocopy (in case the one you have applied with for studies has already expired or is due to expire).

Graduation Ceremony FAQ



Poland, as a member of European Union, shall remain in full force and effect of the Directive 2005/36/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 September 2005 (later amended by Directive 2013/55/EU) on the recognition of professional qualifications. Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin offers curriculum compatible with EU directives including ECTS system.

Graduation from Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin both from Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry empowers to the following in Poland:

1. access to further studies: possibility to apply for PhD studies.

2. start the procedure of Physicians Final Examination or Dentists Final Examination [Lekarski Egzamin Końcowy or Lekarsko-Dentystyczny Egzamin Końcowy].

3. apply for the internship.

Graduates of 2014-2017 (Medicine) and 2014-2016 (Dentistry) - all quries regarding internship in Poland, LEK or LDEK should be addressed to The Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists or to respective Regional Chambers (OIL - Okręgowa Izba Lekarska).

Please note that graduates are no longer subject to the University's education, therefore the internship and Final Exams are to be arranged by the graduate him-/herself.

LEK (Physicians Final Examination) and LDEK (Dentists Final Examination) Medical Examination Centre in Łódź

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