Why should you choose to study at PMU in Szczecin?

  • high quality of teaching
  • very well educated and enthusiastic teachers

  • instruction in small groups, both in pre-clinical and clinical courses
  • modern and well equipped laboratories, hospitals and clinics

  • 20 years of experience in English Program

  • well developed and integrated community of foreign students from Scandinavian countries, Faroe Islands, Germany, Israel, Canada and other
  • modern Main Library with permanent (free for students) access to the Web databases such as: MEDLINE, SCOPUS, Science Direct, Wiley on-line Library...
  • only 120 km from Berlin - good airline connection with all countries
  • Szczecin offers many student-friendly areas

Few interesting facts:

1) Even Catherine the Great made her first steps in Szczecin

2) In 2015 our teachers from genetic Department - professors Jan Lubiński and Cezary Cybulski discovered the new high risk breast gene-RECQL

3) PMU has The Polish genetic database of Totalitarianism’s Victims - an unprecedented project on an international scale


Pomorski Uniwersytet Medyczny w Szczecinie

ul. Rybacka 1, 70-204 Szczecin,
tel. 91 48 00 700 / 800, fax 91 48 00 705
NIP 852-000-67-57, Regon 000288886