Recruitment Step-by-Step

Before you proceed with your application, please be sure to read our Application Requirements first!

Before you begin, please prepare the following papers:


  1. Original native secondary school leaving certificate / high school diploma (high quality scan/s - front and back) - read more
  2. Original official transcript of grades, if applicable (high quality scan/s - front and back)
  3. Grading scale, in case the scale is not shown on your secondary school leaving certificate or transcript (high quality scan stamped and signed by your school or other authorized body)
  4. Original eligibility declaration, if applicable (high quality scan) - read more
  5. Original sworn translations (high quality scan/s):
    • certificate, grading scale, eligibility declaration and transcript (if issued in other language than Polish or English)
  6. English language proficiency certificate (high quality scan) - read more
  7. Passport or EU National ID Card (high quality scan)
  8. Proof of payment of 85 EUR for a non-refundable registration fee (high quality scan)
  9. Passport photo (high quality scan)


Download a checklist


Please, do not upload non-required files such as: motivation letters, recommendation letters, work experience certificates, other irrelevant certificates (f. ex. completed piano classes) as they will not be taken under consideration.

Furthermore, please be aware that in case the scans you upload are low quality, illegible, etc. and you upload them shortly before the deadline, you risk having your application denied!



1. Choose a program of studies you would like to follow.


We offer 2 programs in English language:


and 1 in English-German combination of languages:


You may apply to both programs in English but you may NOT apply to English Program and Asklepios Program at the same time.


2. When you are ready with your choice, click "Apply Now" button.


3. Fill in the application (all mandatory fields must be filled and all required files uploaded).

You may save your application at any point and resume it later but you will not be allowed to submit it unless all data and files were provided as required.


4. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Admissions Office staff whether all files and data are in order.

  • Please note that in order to complete your registration you have to click the "submit" button.



  • 6-year MD English Program - from 27 May 2024 to 22 July 2024
  • 5-year DMD English Program - from 27 May 2024 to 22 July 2024
  • 6-year MD Asklepios Program - from 27 May 2024 to 22 July 2024



First recruitment decisions will be sent from 25 July 2024 to 29 July 2024 


5. Rank placement (applies to those who received a Positive Feedback status)

How is the ranklist formed?

  • Your final grades from the required subjects will be considered by the recruiting office staff, and the average will be calculated. Depending on your final average you will be assigned a rank number (#1 being the highest).
  • The rank number is not permanently fixed (meaning it changes over time - depending on the number and quality of other candidates you compete with); for instance: you may be assigned #37 when you submit your application but a few hours / days later a better candidate applies and their grades place them above you and thus your rank number gets lower. It may of course work the other way round as well, your rank number may go up in case someone resigns or your grades earned you a really solid average to keep you on top.
  • The rank list is very dynamic. You will not be notified about every single rank placement change but you have a 24/7 access to your account so you can look it up (and you are advised to look it up on a regular basis).


How do I know if I have chances of being admitted?

  • The rank list is divided into 2 "categories" - those placed on top (within the seats limit) are most likely to be admitted.
  • The candidates placed below are wait-listed (candidates who may be admitted in case those who were offered an admission resign); wait-listed candidates can be offered a conditional enrollment only within university's limits. University may, but is not obliged to send an enrollment offer to any candidate from the waiting-list.


What are the seats limits for individual programs?

  • 6-year MD English Program - 90 seats
  • 5-year DMD English Program - 30 seats
  • 6-year MD Asklepios Program - 30 seats


6. Once the registration period is closed - no candidate will be allowed to submit new application but those who successfully registered retain access to their account.

Make sure to meet the deadlines!



1. Granting Conditional enrolment

Confirm your seat within 7 days!

All candidates, who were placed on top of the rank list within the limit, i.e. their rank number does not fall below the max. seats limit (please see STEP 1 for limit breakdown), are offered an admission. Once the registration period closes, above-mentioned candidates have their statuses changed to Conditionally Enrolled and get a notification prompting them to confirm their seat within 7 days.

2. How to become Successfully enrolled

Deliver all required documents!

Once the registration period closes and you receive a conditional enrollment offer, it is now the time to deliver all required documents, which are published on our website before the respective deadlines (within 30 calendar days assigned to the candidate by the Recruitment Committee):



  • 6-year MD English Program - CLICK
  • 5-year DMD English Program - CLICK
  • 6-year MD Asklepios Program - CLICK


Please note that all documents must be delivered as hard-copies in a required form as specified (certified copy, photocopy, Apostillised / legalized), so please do not e-mail or upload them.

* You are allowed to upload a file or e-mail us a scan of any document in case you would like us to confirm whether the document you have prepared (for instance if it is properly Apostillised) is acceptable before you send it. This feature is allowed for feedback only so please do not treat it as the means of submitting your documents.

3.  Awarding Certification of Enrolment and enrolment decision or conditional enrolment decision

You will receive the certificate in a digital form, unless requested in paper.

Each candidate who delivered all required documents in full and on time will be awarded the Certification of Enrolment which will be sent in a digital form (such form is normally sufficient for loan companies to grant loans in candidates respective home countries). In case you are a visa-seeker or your situation require you to receive this document in a paper form, please contact Admissions Office ( We will provide you with your Certificate as soon as we can.

Additionally to the Certification of Enrolment you will receive in a paper form a decision stating your admission. Depending on your secondary school leaving certificate/ high school diploma origin, you will be either enrolled on a regular basis or conditionally enrolled and given one semester to fulfill the condition.

Conditional enrolment usually applies to:

  • candidates, whose secondary school leaving certificate / high school diploma is a subject to recognition by Education Office [Kuratorium Oświaty] in Poland
  • candidates, whose secondary school leaving certificate / high school diploma normally takes about 2-6 months to be issued (for instance: A-levels, Irish Leaving Certificate, IB diploma)

*Candidates who fail to deliver required documents on time will have their offers of admission withdrawn. Please note that PUM does not and will not take responsibility for delays caused by courier or postal services. Furthermore, please note that the delivery time is understood as the date when the documents physically reach our office, NOT the date when the documents are couriered or posted.

Documents may be delivered by post, courier, in person or by an authorized third party.

If you would like to deliver them in person, please note that our office closes at 15:00.

Important: Information clause // Klauzula informacyjna

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