6-year MD English Program

6-year MD English Program

(full cycle master's degree studies)

Application requirements for entry in 2024/2025

The registration period: 27 May 2024 to 22 July 2024

22 July 2024 is the last day when you will be able to submit your application on-line.

seat limit: 90


Each candidate who was assigned a status conditionally enroled upon the end of registration period is expected to deliver all documents listed below within 30 calendar days assigned to the candidate by the Recruitment Committee:

Name of the document



Application fee

* a proof of payment required

photocopy Fees and Methods of Payment

Application form

* printed directly from your on-line account

* the form must be signed by an applicant on each page


Native Secondary School Leaving Certificate

Native High School Diploma

* Apostille required (it allows to recognise your school certificate abroad)

* if applicable, legalised copy by a Notary Public (a Notary Public certifies that a copy of school certificate is legal)

original or a copy certified by
a Notary Public
What is Apostille and legalisation?

Sworn translation of

Secondary School Leaving Certificate

High School Diploma

* English or Polish sworn translation required

* copies stamped by your school are not considered as certified true copies

original or a copy certified by
a Notary Public

What is certified true copy?

Grading scale

* according to which your performance in the subjects listed on your secondary school certificate was evaluated (stamped and signed by your school authorities or other relevant body)

original or a copy certified by
a Notary Public

English language proficiency certificate

* level B2 minimum

* copies stamped by your school are not considered as certified true copies

original or a copy certified by
a Notary Public
Which certificates are recognised?

Eligibility declaration

(please check if applicable)

* please download the form

original What is eligibility declaration?

Passport or National ID card

* 1 copy required

* National ID card applies to EU and Polish nationals only

photocopy Polish citizens submit copies of their National ID cards

Full Health Certificate

* please download the form


During the 1st year of studies you will be obligated to undergo more examinations, including the epidemiological tests.

original or a photocopy

What medical tests are required?


What are the epidemiological tests?

Proof of vaccination against HepB virus

* if you are not vaccinated, please download and fill in the form


Health insurance

* shall be valid in Poland

* if private, an English or Polish sworn translation should be enclosed as well

photocopy What form of insurance is accepted?

2 x passport photos

* headgear not allowed unless worn on medical or religious grounds; face cannot be covered

originals 35mm x 45mm

Educational contracts / to be signed in October 2024


* 2 copies in Polish and 2 copies in English


4 copies in total

will be provided by the university in October

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