Pre-courses and Orientation Days

Pre-courses and Orientation Days

1. University introduces on-line pre-courses consisting of three subjects: physics, chemistry and biology. The aim of the courses - the future student should recall the basics of physics, chemistry and biology; familiarize themselves with the nomenclature; improve passive vocabulary.

The courses are obligatory for everyone enrolled conditionally. Each accepted candidate will be given 3 individual codes to access the pre-courses platform. Fee for the courses - 600,00 euro (non-refundable).

The on-line courses are expected to last around 4 months. Final day of the pre-courses is expected to be on 20.12.2024. Each subject will have its Supervisor. Please find the Supervisors' recommendations concerning the subjects.

The courses are based on Pearson's textbooks. Individual code to access the textbooks will last for 24 months so during the first and second year students still will be able to use the textbooks and check their knowledge at any convenient time.

2. Orientation days (16-20th September 2024) are strongly advised to participate in.

Aim of the orientation days is to equip future students with necessary knowledge to help cope with upcoming studies which includes a brief review of biology, physics and chemistry, meeting with Student's Parliament, familiarizing students with basic Polish, information about University Library.



Detailed schedule of the orientation days 16/09/2024-20/09/2024:


N1 = last names from A to B; N2 = C - J; N3 =K - P; N4 Q - Z


2024/2025 ORIENTATION WEEK TIMETABLE (to be shown around August 2024)


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