Eligibility declaration

Do I need an eligibility declaration and who can sign it for me?


1. What is an eligibility declaration?

Eligibility declaration is a statement proving that the secondary school leaving certificate/ high school diploma you were awarded upon completion of your secondary education enables you to pursue higher education at any type of college or university in country where your diploma was issued.


2. Who can sign it for me?

The form which is linked on the Application requirements site may be signed by either:

  • a competent authority of the school you have graduated from (i.e. a principal / headmaster)
  • the Education Office (Office that supervises pre-university education of a given country)
  • the Ministry of Education of the country that has issued you diploma


3. How do I determine if I need it?

Each full diploma* that was issued by a country which is NOT a member of EU or OECD requires eligibility declaration.

  • EU membership list: click HERE
  • OECD membership list: click HERE


Full diploma means that your whole or major part of secondary education was completed in one country and you were awarded a regular diploma. Special entry or supplementary diploma holders (i.e. holders who have completed part of the education in one country and then moved to another and thus were not awarded regular diploma as their peers) are required to submit eligibility declaration.


Selected school leaving certificates exempt from the eligibility declaration requirement:

- Norwegian Vitnemal

- Swedish Slutbetyg

- German Abitur der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife

- Irish Leaving Certificate

- British GCE certificates

- Polish Świadectwo Dojrzałości

- Internationa Baccalaureate diploma

- Eureopan Baccalaureate diploma


If you are not sure whether your diploma requires eligibility declaration or not, you may send us a scan of your diploma and ask (recruit@pum.edu.pl).

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