Fees and Methods of Payment

Please mind the deadlines of payment: 01 October and 01 February for first and second instalment respectively. Failure to meet those deadlines will result in a statutory interest fee being charged. The statutory interest fee is calculated according to the following formula: (base fee x 13%) : 365 (days in year).

1. Please note the annual tuition fee rates vary depending in which year you have been admitted. On the very first year of studies each student receives a contract which specifies the tuition fee valid for your whole period of studies. Please refer to your contract if you are not sure how much you are supposed to pay for your next year of studies.

2. As for the the IBAN number specified in Account details (below): when making a payment via a bank transfer (by Internet banking), please make sure all blanks between the digits are deleted (in case you copy-paste the details directly on your screen) otherwise you may receive an error upon validating the transfer.

3.Whenever you make a payment, please always remember to provide the following:

- who is the payment for (full name and surname of the applicant or student)

- what is the payment for ("admission fee"/ "III-rd semester medicine" etc...)

4. Please make sure you use correct target account, meaning that if the currency of your fee is EUR, then you should make a transfer to EUR account, not PLN one.

5. Payment can be done via a bank transfer.


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