MEDtube is a video-centric social eLearning platform for Healthcare Professionals exclusively. It is free to use by the HCP community worldwide (registration is required to benefit from all the website's peer-rewieved educational content and tools). In 2021 the library reached 25,000+ medical materials and the community exceeded 300,000+ professional subscribers (global audience).

The project is owned by private individuals originating from Poland. MEDtube is a MedEdTech company (medical education technology). The platform is available in 5 language versions: English (, French (, German (, Spanish ( and Polish (

MEDtube is providing technologically advanced tools for medical education and communication:
- library of multimedia
- individual and institutional professional profiles
- discussion groups
MEDtube LIVE platform - for online collaboration (webinars, workshops, teaching, conferences)
MEDtube eLearning platform - for teaching/learning and testing
eBook platform
calendar of medical events
- virtual studio
- job offers

The key solution is own eLearning platform that MEDtube developed with leaders in meded, featuring credited courses that are created by Medical Educators, medical universities, societies and other institutions (CME/CPD).

MEDtube is also publisher of MEDtube Science (scientific journal).

MEDtube is dedicated to Healthcare Professionals (i.e. MDs, DMDs, medicine students, academic teachers, paramedics). The content and tools are available to such subscribers free of charge. The platform is not  available for patients. Each piece of content has been assigned a different level of access depending on professional group and some of it is available only to pre-defined specialists (for instance comments / discussions between physicians are available exclusively for this professional group). Access to some modules (accredited eLearning courses, webinars) may be paid.



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