Summer practical training

NO SCANS or FAXES OF THE PRACTICAL TRAINING REPORTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. All reports should be submitted as ORIGINALS/ CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES. The report should be submitted in person or by post. Moreover, the reports written in any other language than English or Polish will not be accepted either.


1st year med

2nd year med

3rd year med

4th year med

5th year med


1. Language

  • report/s should be delivered in English or with an English equivalent. If the only report you have is in your native language, you can additionally attach a report template from the website, filled in by your supervisor.

2. Credibility:

  • ideally, your report should be written on institution's official paper the practice took place.
  • each report must be signed and stamped by supervisor/ person responsible for your training.

3. Other information:

  • period of your practice is mandatory, and the total amount of hours alone is not sufficient.
  • full name of place of the institution the training took place in.
  • city name and the country of your training place.

Please note that all above information is necessary for your Diploma so make sure you do not miss it!

4. Deadline:

  • the deadline for delivering your summer practice report is the last day of the re-take examination session. The report should be delivered either in person or by post (original or certified true copy).

5. Faculty:

  • there are two versions of summer clerkship reports, one for the Medicine and and one for the Dentistry.

Please use proper version.


What is covered by the insurance?

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