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2070000 zł

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dr hab. Tomasz Wojdacz

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Izabela Kuczyńska

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1. General objective
The goal of this proposal is to establish first in Poland Clinical Epigenetics Laboratory with primary focus on translational epigenetics. The necessary condition for
successful translational epigenetics research is close collaboration of experts in molecular biology and clinicians, as well as access to the patients undergoing treatments.
This will be provided by embedment of the laboratory in the structure of Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. Allocation of the laboratory within the medical
university will also facilitate dissemination of laboratory’s expertise to students and researchers undergoing education within the university’s programs.
2. Specific objectives
2.1 Clinical epigenetics
There are over 200 cell types building human body and containing identical DNA but performing different functions. In general, epigenetic research investigates molecular
mechanisms that enable generation of vast number of cell types from identical DNA. Clinical epigenetics on the contrary focuses on how disruption of epigenetic
mechanisms leads to deregulation of cell function and disease. Presence of genetic changes (e.g. mutations) is not able to explain majority of cancer cases. Thus, there
is consensus in the field that disruption of epigenetic mechanisms of gene expression regulation is a major part of not only carcinogenesis, but also pathology of other
diseases including: psychiatric disorders, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndromes.

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