History of the Library

The Main Library of Pomeranian Medical University was established in the 1948/49  academic year to support the curriculum of the first higher medical school in Szczecin. At the beginning the library was located in the few premiseses on the ground floor of the PAM building at Rybacka Street. This space was later renovated and in the 1949 the lending room and reading room for students were formed, in the next year – reading room for scientific workers of the Academy.

First collection was mostly given to the library as a gift by the Main Medical Library in Warsaw and from the “collections library secured” in the town.

Simultaneously the reference libraries at the Academy separate clinics and institutes were established in order to  support developement of the Academy and satisfy needs of an increasing number of students and academic teachers.

The Branch no 1 of the Main Library at the State Clinical Hospital no 1 came into being in the 1977/78 academic year , two years later the Branch no 2 was organized at the State Clinical Hospital no 2.

In 2007 the Main Library moved to a new place at Pomorzany district and the Main Library and Branch No 2  joined together in one building at Powstańców Wielkopolskich Street. At present one library - Branch No 1 at the State Clinical Hospital No 1- is subordinated to the Main Library.


Facilities for our readers in the Main Library:

more than 100-seat, modern reading room,

lending room with free access to the shelves,

3 group study rooms,

4 individual study rooms,

lecture room,

computer room,

about 56 computers - over than 50 with internet access,

a 40-seat didactic room with 20 computers and projection system,

wireless internet,

self-checkout system : SelfCheck Kiosk and bookdrop/self return machine.

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