Regulations of the Main Library of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin

This is an English translation of the library regulations.
For legal purposes only the original Polish text is regarded as authentic.

Regulations of using of the Library of  Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin and Accessing the Collections

I. Initial Conditions
§ 1

1. Hereby these Regulations determine rules of using of the Library, accessing library holdings belonged to the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, hereinafter reffered to as PUM and library materials acquired by the interlibrary loans.
2. The Library serves as a public scientific library and is a center of scientific medical information for employees, doctoral students and students of PUM and other people interested in searching for literaturę in the field of medicine and related sciences.
3. The mission of the library is to suport scientific research and educational processes at the PUM, as expected according to the expectations and needs of academic Staff and students, as well as meeting the library and information needs of external users.
4. The Library carries out its mission by collecting and making available library materials and conducting activities in the field of scientific information.
5. Library materials are made available by the Main Library of PUM and Branch No. 1., hereinafter reffered to as the Library
6. Library materials are made available: 
1) as  part of individual loans,
2) as part of interlibrary loans,
3) on site, at the Library
§ 2
1. Using library materials on site is free of charge.
2. The Library charges fees for importing materials through interlibrary loans, printing and photocopying services.
3. The list of services and related fees is specified in the Price List  constituting Annex No. 1 to these Regulations.
§ 3 
1. People using the Library are obligated to:
1) leaving outerwear, bags, backpack, etc. in the lockers,
2) maintain silence and order,
3) use the Library in a manner that does not disrupt the work of other users,
4) use the Library according to its designated purpose specified in § 1 section 2-5,
5) observe the prohibition on smoking tobacco and electronic cigarettes,
6) adhere to the prohibition of consuming meals and beverages, except in designated areas (drinks in sealed/closed containers are allowed),
7) familiarize themselves with the Library Regulations and comply with their provisions.
1. The Library is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended
2. Reserving places in the Library by leaving personal items on tables is not allowed
3. Personal items left unattended for more than 1 hour will be removed and can be claimed at the counter from the attending librarian
4. In case of audible alarm of anti-thefth gates, at the request of librarian, the user is obliged to show the library materials they have with tchem
5. Public areas in the Library are monitored
6. It is prohibited to independently hand posters and informational materials or engage in door-to-door sales on the Library premises.

II. Lending Room Regulations
§ 4
1. The Lending Room can be used by:
1) Students and PhD students of PUM
2) PUM employees
§ 5
1. Library accounts for PUM students and PhD students are activated in the Lending Room based on a valid student ID for the duration of their studies or the duration of their education at PUM, without the need to obtain a library card
§ 7
1. In the Lending Room there is self-service access to the open boohshelves – „open access to the bookshelves.
2. Orders for librar materials from storeroom are placed elecronically, no later than half an hour before the Library closes
§ 8
1.Borrowing library materials requires verification of the person’s identity by a Library staff member based on a valid student ID.
2. Borrowings are digitally recorded based on the book code and student ID at the librarian’s counter desk or at a self-check.
3. After registering borrowed library materials it is importatnt to check the status of your account and report any discrepancies.
4. Returns of borrowed library materials can be made round the clock in the dropbox located outside the Library building (next to the entrance).
§ 9
1. Loan period (status) for library materials is determined individually for each title.
2. There are following loan periods designated:
1) on-site,
2) 1 month,
3) 2 months,
4) 3 months,
5) 6 months, 
6) 12 months,
7) long-term
3. The Library reserves the right to shorten the loan period and request the earlier return of library materials. 
4. Renewal of borrowing is only possible if the Library has more copies of a particular item and another reader has not reserved them earlier.
5. Only PUM employees are eligible for long-term loans. Employees are obligated to make borrowed library materials available upon Library’s request.
1. The Library does not lend to individual users:
1) library materials marked as status „on-site use” and from „Archive’ collection”,
2) prints published before 1945,
3) doctoral theses,
4) special collections,
5) periodicals,
6) publications from the handy collection,
7) original documents obtained through interlibrary loans.
2. The use of documents listed in paragraph 1 is only possible in the Reading Room.
3. Special collection (marked as status „S”)  are available from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm by prior appointment.
§ 11
1. PUM student and doctoral student can have a maximum of 15 volumes on their account.
2. PUM employees can have a maximum of 20 volumes of books on their account.
§ 12
1. Financial arrears to the library exceeding 20 PLN result in the readre’s account being blocked.
2. A user account inactive for a period of 5 years is automatically removed from the library system.

III. Reading Room Rgulations
§ 14

1. The Reading Room is open to all interested individuals.
2. Use of the reading room collection is strictly on-site.
4. The provisions of § 3 apply accordingly to the use of the Reading Room.
§ 15
1. In the Reading Room there is self-service access to the open boohshelves – „open access to the bookshelves.
2. Library materials stored in the storeroom are made available upon electronic request or with the attending librarian, no later than half an hour before the closing of the Reading Room.
3.Users have the right to the use the devices available in the Reading Room as well as their computer equipment (e.g., laptop, notebook) and reprographic equipment (e.g., scanner, digital camera) provided that it does not disrupt the work of others.
5.The use of anatomical models is only allowed on-site, with no possibility of borrowing.
6. Individuals using the Reading Room are obliged to:
1) report to the librarian any personal materials brought in and show tchem when leaving the Reading Room.
2) return library materials in undamaged conditio and report any deficiencies to the attending librarian.
3) use the grop study rooms on the mezzanine in a manner that does not disrupt the work of other reading room users.
§ 16 
1. The Reading Room provides services in the field of interlibrary loans.


IV. Regulations for using the Scientific Information Department
§ 17
1. In the Scientific Information Department users have access to:
1) computer room,
2) informatorium – open space,
3) individual study rooms,
4) seminar room.
1. Users listed in § 4 para. 1 and other individuals interested in searching for literature in the field of medicine and related scinces may use the computers in the computer room and open space „informatorium”.
2. Self-service scanners are only accessible to students, doctoral students and PUM employees. Scanning materials is free of chargé.
3.Individual study rooms and the seminar room are exclusively available to students, doctoral students and PUM employees.
4. The seminar room can be reserved with the approval of the Library Director.
5. The provisions of § 3 para. apply accordingly to the use of the facilities within the Scientific Information Department.
§ 19
1. Workstations are equipped with computers with internet access
2. Access to all computers is authorized after obtaining a password from the attending librarian.
3. Making any changes to the computer configuration, desktop appearance, installing additional software, and using equipment for purposes inconsistent with its intended use (e.g., games, watching movies) are prohibited.
5. Before leaving the workstation, all entered data should be deleted, users should log out.

VI. Regulations for the use of Branch No. 1
§ 22

8. In the scope of using Branch No. R, the provisions contained in  § 3 apply accordingly.

VII. Final provisions
§ 23
1. The library user is obliged to handle library materials with the utmost care. It is impermissible to tear pages, make underlines, annotations, etc.
2. In case of loss or damage to library materials, the reader is obligated to:
1) repurchase a copy of the same work or its latest edition, or
2) pay for the los tor damaged unique work, not available in the country, at the amount determined by the library director, or
3) provide another work available for sale and indicated by the library, or
4) return a self-made and bound photocopy of the lost title at their own expense.
3. A fee is charged for the late return of library materials for each  day exceeding the return deadline, at the rate specified in the Price List.
§ 24
1. Violation by the user of the provisions of this Regulation, in particular:
1) permanent damage, destruction, or theft of library materials,
2) lack of proper response to the request for the return of borrowed library materials,
3) improper behawior on the library premises,
4) violation of § 3 of the Regulations, constitutes the basis for applying the sanctions specified in paragraf 2-3.
2. The following sanctions are provided for individuals violating the provisions of this Regulations:
1) ejection from the Library,
2) individual written warning,
3) temporary or permanent deprivation of the right to use the Library,
4) pursuit of compensatory and other claims through legal proceedings.
3. In case of blatant violation of this Regulations, the Library Director may notify:
1) in case of a student – the relevant dean of the higher education institution (…) to take actions, as provided for in separate regulations, in response to disciplinary offenses constituting acts that undermine the dignity of a student, doctoral student, or academic teacher.

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